Starters Guide to a Makeup Kit

So since I’ve started trying to be a make up artist I’ve had a lot of girls come to me who aren’t up to date with all the trends etc, asking me where to start or what they need and what is best. So I thought I’d do a post on all the basic products you need and my favourites! Here goes… 


There’s a lot of hype over expensive make up brushes and I say it’s all bull really. Although the branded ones are great for application, blending and an even coverage, it doesn’t mean the unbranded ones are bad either. A few brushes in my kit are unbranded and work fantastically. Go for what YOU feel is best and what you can afford (although obviously a set of brushes from the poundshop may not be great) and don’t focus too much on buying the most expensive brush kit. I use the real techniques brush set, made by youtube star PixiWoo. They are pricey in stores but I actually got the full set off ebay for very little! They work fantastically especially the face brushes and make for an easy and comfortable application. The eye brushes are fantastic for blending too although you might want to rethink buying the eye brushes if your eyebrows are quite close to your eyelids like mine, as the eye brushes are quite large. I’ll do another more detailed post on this in the future.  


Primer- now primer isn’t essential but I put this down as its a fantastic item in your kit to have and something I see as a must have. A primer prepares your skin for ️Makeup aiding a smoother application and helps it to stay on longer. There are different types of primers for different skin types and colours- for example somebody with skin with a red undertone (aka blotchiness)  would use a green primer. My skin is fine on the most part and a normal colour so I use a matte primer, in particularly Rimmel’s Matte Primer. I have yet to use another one but I haven’t got any complaints yet. It keeps my ️Makeup on and prepares it without an oily finish! 

Foundation- i only learnt this when I had my first lesson off Nicky, but foundation goes over the primer first not concealer (unless you have bad circles or any blemishes you want to cover up). When I started to wear make-up I thought I had to wear the most expensive foundation I could find to get a good coverage (MAC). However I have recently discovered L’oreal Infallible 24-hour foundation and I found the coverage so much better than MAC and for only £10 you can’t go wrong! It really is incredible and it does stay pretty close to 24 hours with a good primer. I would only use it though and skin that is not oily or dry- as I’ve said I will eventually do more posts including how to chose the right foundation for you but your best bet is to go into boots, selfridges etc and ask for advice if you aren’t sure! If your skin is fine though and you want a lovely smooth finish without shine, Infallible is the one for you. 

Concealer- my favourite concealer is Maybellines eraser eye! While it has fabulous coverage and is a godsend for hiding the bags under my eyes (parenthood…) it glides on easily with the easy application sponge (my daughter chewed the sponge off but it still works). I don’t know about the anti age bit since I’m only 21 but ey, I guess it’s good for wrinkles and stuff too. 


Oh the big one. With this one it’s really about trying different products and working out what’s best for you. Before I started training I went from different foundation shades (ugh!), to cream palettes off ebay, and then finally using concealer to highlight and the amazing NYX highlight and contour pro powder palette to brush over the concealer with and to contour! I have included a diagram so you can see where to highlight and contour and if you still don’t get it, YouTube videos are a godsend.

Anyway, I love this palette as it has loads of different colours to suit every skin tone (great if you’re a mua or fake worshipper), it doesn’t have too heavy a coverage (that’s bad- you don’t want your face to look all fuzzy with powder) and it also includes an amazing glittery white highlighter. You won’t need this though for basic beginners make up. This was £18 from boots and worth every penny. NYX also do a cream contour palette though if you prefer to just use cream alone and is preferable for different skin types (again ask if unsure).


Now there are all sorts of lipsticks  you can use and different types but as pretty and gorgeous smelling as they are, you do not have to spend £12 on each one at MAC. My favourite is the NYX butter gloss. It glides on easily, is highly pigmented, smells lovely and has a lovely matte finish. For just £5.50 you can’t go wrong! If you suffer from chapped or dry lips you may prefer to use a lipstick with a bit of gloss or a cream lipstick. NYX do these too 🙂 


Eyeshadow– As an aspiring MUA I love my palettes- I find it’s better to buy eyeshadow in palette form so you have a variety of choice and it is easier to put away rather than buying single eyeshadows. A lot of palettes also have similar colours, or different tones and varieties of one colour, which can be paired great together to blend and contrast. My eyeshadow must have is the Morphe Palette. These shades stay on fantastic with the right primer (for now you can just use a concealer or normal primer before putting on eyeshadow but as you become more advanced an eye primer is a good idea) and are highly pigmented and easily blended. These can be quite expensive, however they are really worth the cost and they are regularly sold on the website Beauty Bay for just £15 with free shipping. They often sell out though and restock different types so be sure to keep checking! For the record I use the 35w palette. This palette is fantastic because it has a great mixture of shimmers and mattes. But morphe sell a wide variety of palettes with different colours and types of eyeshadow.


Mascara– if like me you are absolutely terrible at putting on false lashes (and as a beginner you probably are too!) then a mascara is a great option for you. I use Bourjois 1 Seconde volume mascara, because it does what it says. Instantly volumises and lengthens my mascara. If you want to put on more than one coat though for extra length use a lash comb afterwards to get rid of any clumps. Unfortunately can’t remember the cost but it is worth it is worth it (remember if you end up sharing your mascara use disposable wands). 

The rest

Cleanser- it is important to wipe off ️Makeup after use and clean it before. I use Simple’s toning cleanser. This is a 2 in 1 product and the toner reduces oiliness and improves your skins general wellness while the cleanser, er cleanses. I bought this for around 6-7 pounds 

Moisturiser- moisturiser stops your skin from becoming dry and helps to keep it smooth and prepare for makeup. Simple, and even more effective after taking off makeup. I use the Simple moisturiser for a slightly cheaper price than the 2 in 1. 


Pencils- there’s not much to say here really. Here are the lipliner and eyeliners I use- just make sure they are well sharpened before use to avoid injury! It is also a good idea to use an eyeliner pencil rather than liquid eyeliner whilst you are learning on your top lid. It won’t wear well but is good for the practice. I will recommend a liquid eyeliner when I do a more advanced post! 

The Rimmel lipliner has a lovely pigmentation and is just £4 depending on where you buy, and comes in pencil or a twist up crayon type format. I like to use the crayon as it glides on easier. 

I use the Bourjois eyeliner as it stays on longer and even has a cute brush to smudge it if you decide to put some under the eye. £5.45.

I hope you enjoy my post and look forward to my further posts. Please let me know if you enjoyed this and it helps you. Good luck! X



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