Thoughts of the day

Hello ladies and gentlemen how are we all today? I’m not so great myself running on four hours sleep… That and depression don’t mix well but at least my passion for makeup re-lights that fire inside me that keeps dimming.

I’m not going to lie- I’m finding it hard to self teach myself ️Makeup. I am quite an impatient person and down on myself… So I kind of expect it to happen overnight and if I peactise and it goes wrong I feel so down. That’s what’s happened today and I feel like a failure. Or felt, before I realised that it’s the monster in my head making me feel like this.

I know though that whether it takes me a month, or a year, this profession will be the making of me and I’m going to be fabulous. This is one battle I will not let depression win!

So a bit more about myself. I’m a 21 year old mum to a beautiful two year old girl called sophia who is an absolute handful. I’m only 4’10 and run my own house living with my little bear and two cats who also drive me insane.

I’ve had a passion for beauty as long as I can remember- I just never thought I could make a profession out of it until I saw a girl I went to school with go from hating office work and then blossoming into a great artist. This inspires me and the same lady teaches me in a lesson now and then (she’s really great check out Nicky Aimee MUA on facebook). I’m now pushing through the depression to train myself and start a sucessful MUA career. Anybody who suffers with what I do knows how hard it can be to motivate yourself… But I’m trying. And I will.

Please enjoy my blog and my journey towards artistry. I will also be posting tips for beginners and reviews and recommendations on products!

Hope you enjoy and nice to meet you. Rosie Lou ximage




2 thoughts on “Thoughts of the day

  1. So glad you decided to start blogging. Depression is hard to battle with day in and day out but keep persevering with what you want and you’ll achieve it. All the best x


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