MUA merged trio eyeshadow- Review

Hello my lovelies how are you? I’ve had an eventful week. Still no sign of my cat coming home heartbreakingly. On the plus side I had another Makeup lesson yesterday and this was the result!  Thanks nicky 😘

Anyway I thought I’d do my first review. So be nice! 

Last week on a budget I treated myself to some Makeup from super drug and these MUA trio eyeshadows caught my eye as they reminded me of MACs mineralised galaxy eye shows or whatever they’re called so I thought why not try?

Now the one I’m reviewing is called emotions. It has three colours. The first shade you use is the highlighting shade in the White and gold which you’d expect to put under the brow and on the inner corner of your eye, however it’s more of a light gold shade so I prefered to use one of my different shadows for this and instead dotted it over the other shadows for an extra shimmer. The White shade has a slight shimmer but is not very high in pigmentation.

The gold shade was very shimmery and a brassy colour so I used it for my base. I was dissapointed that this didn’t seem to have a high pigmentation either, but when I wet my brush slightly (wiping off the excess on the back of my hand) the pigmentation improved. Swatches on my hand are below; left is dry and right is damp. When i blended the bronze/gold colour into the crease though I was impressed at how easy the shadow was to blend- it only took around a minute where most shadows take a lot longer for me.

The third colour, the purple, is the definer which I applied In the corners of my eye and slightly into the crease. While the colour looked good (again only when wet) I’m afraid it didn’t blend as well as could be with another colour and went a bit merged instead of a contrast effect (I would like to point out this was no fault of mine haha!)

In conclusion you do get what you pay for. However with the right primer and undercoat (I have tried a Morphe eyeshadow) this MUA palette looks great as a topcoat ontop of any base for a cute shimmer.


  • Shimmery
  • Blendable
  • Glides on easily


  • Pigmentation not great until wet
  • Fades easily
  • Not great for long term use 
  • Fall out

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