My Kit- Begginers and Advanced

Hello my lovelies! 

My mum bought me a gorgeous make up case off my daughter for Mother’s Day so I thought it would be a good time to show off what items are good for beginners, advanced Makeup users and then what either can use! 

Obviously I can’t name every single product, so it’s mostly just a list of brands with the odd product in there. So, here we go!

Compartment one- Foundations & Concealers 


These can be used by either an advanced makeup user or a beginner pretty much. They include:

  • L’oreal True Match foundation- bought because the infallible didn’t have a very pale shade. Not tried out yet.
  • L’oreal Infallible 24h Foundation- ️amazing coverage, 4 different shades (bless boots for their 4 for £24 offer!)
  • Mac studio fix concealer- I would recommend this for an advanced user only as it’s quite stiff so not easy if you’re trying to figure out your contouring.
  • Maybelline eraser eye concealer- fantastic coverage and easy to use!
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Primer- neutral. To prep the face and help Makeup last longer. 

Also my revolution fixing spray which is fab and can be used by anyone!

Compartment Two- General eye stuff and face stuff

This is kind of my make up messy draw, seeing as all my eyeshadows are usually in palettes. It includes-

  • Disposable mascara wands- Advanced. I use these to brush over my brows before product, and brush out any clumps of mascara. Also to use on clients for hygeine reasons.
  • Nyx liquid illuminated- Advanced. Used to highlight just above the cheekbone and down the bridge of the nose and eye corners.
  • Tinted moisturisers, No7 and Collection- Neutral. Equivalent of BB Cream. For anybody who doesn’t want a heavy coverage or to give skin an added colour (if foundation is too pale etc)
  • Rimmel face powder, translucent- Advanced. Used to brush over Makeup to fix it.
  • Mascaras, Bourjois- Neutral. We all know what Mascaras are for! I love Bourjois mascaras, although my fave is the 10 Seconde.
  • Tweezers- neutral. Unless you don’t know how to use them.
  • Rimmel liquid eyeliner pen- Begginer. So simple to use and great when you’re learning. Does wear off quickly.
  • Nyx liquid liner brush- Advanced. So difficult to use but easy once you’ve learnt. Looks fantastic and long lasting.

Compartment Three- brushes 

I would recommend most of these brushes be used for advanced makeup users. However, while you’re learning you should have basic brushes such as a foundation brush, concealer brush, blush brush, powder brush, eyebrow brush and shadow brushes

Most of mine so far are Real Techniques. There are one or two models own in there which aren’t very effective unless you want very light coverage, and unbranded brushes from ebay which are still fantastic.

Compartment four- Lippies and Glosses


My favourite compartment. I can’t list each product again so I will name brands. These can all be used by anybody, although the matte cream items I recommend for advanced users as lipstick isn’t always easy.

Younique, MAC, Nyx, Rimmel, No7, NuSkin, Soap and Glory, Seventeen, Nyx

Compartment Five- Pencils, Palettes and Necessities



  • No7 eyeshadow palette- Neutral. A Christmas present from my mum. I love this palette cause there’s a wide variety of colours and most are shimmery however they aren’t very pigmented so I like to wet them.
  • Morphe eyeshadow palette- Advanced. Obviously an eyeshadow palette can be used by anyone but to get the most use after this one you need to know how to blend and match the colours. 
  • MUA eyeshadow palette- Beginner. Cheap and easy to use. Not the best pigmentation but not the worst either.
  • Revolution brow palette- Advanced. Only because there are lots of different colours and a concealer and powder in this one. Great for someone who knows their ️Makeup and especially a MUA as there are four different shades.
  • MUA brow palette- Beginner. Easy to use so great for a beginner. Not very high pigmentation though and brush is a bit wirey. 
  • Sleek Midas touch highlighting palette- advanced. Absolutely fantastic! Nuff said.
  • Revolution contour palette- Begginer. Cream contouring with 8 shades, fab for getting to grips with contouring and glides on easy. Easily blendable too.
  • Nyx correct and conceal powder contour palette- Advanced. 8 amazing shades including the best highlighter I have ever used! Check out my how to contour post with more info 🙂 
  • Seventeen contour brick- Advanced. Can’t remember the exact name but it’s fantastic and a dupe for Bobbi Browns shimmer brick. I usually dust this over the apple of my cheeks towards my contour.

Skin prep

Its really important to have skin in the best condition as possible before putting Makeup on. I would recommend this for advanced makeup users though. I have some Simple cleanser, toner and moisturiser and some cotton pads for application.


Because I didn’t have another compartment for these, I packed them in the bottom in a plastic case. They can be used by anyone. They include-

  • True lips- really good. Highly pigmented and long lasting. Got 12 off ebay for £3!
  • Mac- long lasting and highly pigmented, just expensive.
  • Younique- again great, just expensive 
  • Bourjois- affordable and highly pigmented
  • Rimmel- good pigmentation, very affordable, just not long lasting

So there you have it! My Makeup kit 🙂 if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me! If you like the post please give it a star ❤️


4 thoughts on “My Kit- Begginers and Advanced

  1. Hello
    It’s so funny that you’ve blogged this as my mum moaned at me yesterday for looking washed out and told me I should wear make up!!!! So, printed out your blog and went to Boots. Lady absolutely lovely. I now have:
    All in one cleanser and toner
    L’oreal True Match foundation
    Lancome eye shadow in browns.
    A dark brown pencil thing with a brush on the end
    Mascara which will apparently lift my lashes – who knew they needed lifting?
    Didn’t have Bobbi Brown shimmer brick but I have a shimmery sort of powder.
    2 blending brushes – think I might need practice with these
    A large fluffy brush for the shimmer thing.
    They didn’t sell disposable mascara wands but she read your blog – (started discussing the pros and cons of various make up products but gave up when she realised this was clearly going right over my head) gave me a handful of disposable wands and 3 trial size samples of face stuff and perfume.
    Was quite worried at one point as she had only made up one side of my face but she did the other before I left the shop so I could walk out with my head held high.
    Thank you so much for the tips and such great timing.


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