How to exfoliate sensitive skin!

Do you suffer from dry skin, dermatitis or ezcema?

So do I. And I think we can all agree it’s bloody awful! Especially as a girl and especially in summer. If like me you’re ghostly pale it’s especially a kick up the arse because of fake tan! 

I managed by using sun beds for a while but as a single mum the price kind of built up- not to mention they are really bad for you and sometimes the sweat doesn’t help the itching!

So I resorted back to using this great stuff 

Unlike many fake tans, this one moisturises the skin, smells gorgeous and you can build the tan up gradually overtime. However I was reluctant to exfoliate before I did it because I always come up in a rash and really eachy, so I ended up with white patches where my dry skin is. 

So I did my research and made my own ezcema friendly exfoliator and I am so happy with the results that I thought I’d share it. It’s so easy to make too! 

I used-

  • Half a green tea leaf teabag- read somewhere that it helps get off dead skin
  • Coconut oil- to soothe the skin while scrubbing of course and coconut oil alone is great for dry skin
  • Brown sugar- less harsh than a salt scrub and less harsh than normal sugar. 

All I did was simply melt a scoop of coconut oil in the microwave and added two scoops of brown sugar (so depending on how much you’re making, and what your skins like, use twice as much sugar as oil), poured in the green tea leaf and stirred. Then I put it in a container and in the fridge to set for two minutes.

To use, pour yourself a nice glass of wine and a bubblebath (this is a must) and lightly scrub the exfoliator on your wet skin in circles. Use your favourite sensitive skin body wash, moisturise and viola! You’ve got yourself skin as smooth as a babies butt without itchiness and rashes.

If you have lots of red itchy skin I wouldn’t recommend using it though… Or use a lot more oil than sugar.

Let me know how you get on!


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